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Message n ° 1: Hello. I came, a little by chance, several times on this blog. I wonder about certain points ...


The notion of Universalism is often or even systematically evoked when talking about Freemasonry. However, in France, Freemasonry is made up of a multitude of obediences. When a French mason goes abroad, to the main temples of England or the United States, he is not even recognized as a Freemason (except for obedience). Isn't that a huge limit to Universality?


Let us admit that there are different obediences in France, each with its own identity, characteristics which are their own ... always in the principle of Universality, would it not be logical for members to go from obedience to l other to discover and enrich these differences?


Are these "passages" or "changes" frequent between GODF and GLNF for example?


I read that the lodge is a rich place of exchange between believers and non-believers.


However, in certain obediences, non-believers are not admitted. We can even say that for 90% of the world Freemasonry. In summary ... can we not doubt the universality of the fundamentals of Freemasonry?



Message N ° 2 : The exchange is always a source of enrichment and I read with pleasure this mailing. A few words on "What, Why, How?" »: We are on FM for a variety of personal reasons. For my part, I do not think that I can change the Other from the outside by a "political" action in the Greek sense of the word.

I believe that my primary responsibility is my own improvement, which will be my real contribution to the advancement of humanity on the road to its accomplishment. Only my exemplarity can lead the Other to initiate his own evolution.

It is in this expectation that the exchange is the symbolic tool par excellence for this work.

The exchange can help better understand the What and advance in understanding the Why. These prerequisites are absolutely essential to address the How which, if not, cannot be operational and will miss its target.



Message N ° 3 : Detestable synthesis indeed! A vain exercise which would tend to make people believe that the average is the middle way!

From synthesis to synthesis, the work of the brothers is no longer found.

But the most criticizable is to dilute the differences in a soft consensus supposed to represent "what the brothers think" on this or that subject when no one has received a delegation to speak on behalf of the said brothers.

Whatever the subject tackled in the dressing room, all the facets of truth will be expressed and it is precisely in this shimmering that one can burst by glimpse fragments of the Truth.

The thought of having to “give work” to subjects in the workshops seems to me to be a sovereign contempt for the capacity of workshops to work without waiting for them to be asked.

Let's go to the Planet in danger: this statement would make us laugh if it were not the proof of our stupid blindness. The only thing that is in danger is humanity: the planet, for its part, has demonstrated its capacity to regenerate itself, especially since its time is not ours. Let us not forget that it is 4 to 5 billion years old and we …………….?

The good question would be: does the GADLU Plan need humanity for its accomplishment?

So yes, let's learn to live better with and in our spaceship, because if we don't, with a simple shrug, it can get rid of us like a gnat.


Message N ° 4 : Congratulations, what a job.


Message N ° 5 : I discovered Idéal Masonic and that bodes well for good times.

Originality, quality, precision ... "I like".



Message N ° 6 : MTCS, MTCS I would like, STRICTLY private, to know the CV Maç ... of the Authors and persons in charge of the site "L'Idéal Maçonnique". I am MM 7+ @ GLDF and SCDF ... After reading "diagonally" I find your site particularly well done. It is interesting for all levels. Although not yet determining on which "road" you are traveling, I subscribe today to go a bit or more with you.


Message N ° 7 : My dear Matéo, - I send, a link from your beautiful site to all my contacts. - However, I would like, if you allow me, to raise a point that does not seem very right in your "Letter to subscribers No. 1. - Indeed, the expression “mason without apron” is not adapted to designate non-masons (women & men) who share “our humanitarian ideal”. - We are masons or we are not. And without an apron, no one can be considered "qualified", called a Mason, even less be recognized as such. - Even if the "apron" does not make the mason, because, after all, one can never be really a mason, one can only aspire to become one. And whoever thinks he is: will immediately cease to be so.


Message N ° 8 : Thank you in advance for continuing to send me your publications.
I find there many lines that interest me.


Message N ° 9 : The BIM principle is nice, I subscribe to it at this time, between two obligations which prevent me from writing you a novel.

Message N ° 10 : I fully understand the concept and the attraction of a universal ritual, if it could exist, but I hardly believe in its effective realization: 1- First, because each human culture is of first anchored in the local before gradually opening towards the other and towards universal This applies to human societies as such, it is also the case of the individuals who live there To succeed the bet of a universal ritual , it would be necessary to create a ritual so general, so above ground "that few could recognize themselves there 2- Next, because like all human activities, masonry is crossed by passions not all honorable. The history of masonry , it is the chain of union, but also ambition, schisms and excommunications, divorces and reconciliations (not only in France), all this in the name of brotherhood. Those who have known on the Internet there a few years the adventure of the FIF remember certain is lying. Hence my skepticism!




Message N ° 11 : MTCF, Thank you for your initiative and I immediately abuse it. A F. friend transferred me BIM number 3. Without knowing if this is the last one, could you already send me the two previous ones? I am sure that your site will attract new visitors every day. It is full of intelligence and experience. There emerges a side "Practical work" which refers to the fundamentals of living together.



Message # 12 : BIM is only getting better. This n ° 6 is very useful to comfort the apprentices on the work in lodge. I thank the team that helps all the Brothers and Sisters to polish their stone. We look forward to reading you in September .



Message N ° 13 : Oulalah! As in little space, we can trigger storms! In the "Some definitions" section, the author gives us his own certainties without the slightest hindsight: this seems to me to be the opposite of my conception of FM.

Esotericism: contrary to exotericism, means who is hidden or inside. Applying to a teaching or a practice, this means that one seeks to understand beyond the obvious.

It should not be confused with "zozoterism" which finds the golden ratio in the square root of half the base of the great pyramid.

But end the article with "Isn't this a false debate linked to a misunderstanding and also to a drift?" Is to ignore precisely the part of esoteric teaching existing in any school.

We can not be interested but talk about drift? It makes you laugh.


On the High Ranks, even stronger! "Today, the HG have demonstrated the emptiness of a so-called intellectual added value compared to working in blue lodges"! Death laughing!

Have you attended a perfection workshop? If so, you are in a bad place, if not, do not talk about it because there again you will make those who are there laugh and who in their immense majority come precisely to deepen the work done in blue lodge. The rest is political politics and does not interest the real mason.


Initiation. If this term only covered the entry ceremony into a masonic workshop, the FM would have long since disappeared. The initiation is a journey towards oneself, towards a better understanding of the evening and therefore of the others, far from a phantasmagoria or then again you are very badly fallen, if you have never attended a workshop.


In short, I laughed a lot, but I was also a little disappointed ……….


Message N ° 14: I read your mail carefully as with each delivery. Some thoughts:


On the first subject of work in a blue box, if I agree with you to draw attention to the lack of work in the 2nd and 3rd degree, I do not agree with the proposals.

“Lightening” the opening and closing rituals implies that they are not essential, which is not my opinion. Rituals are the current expression of the Rite (whatever it is) and in this sense they are essential: they must be respected, internalized, analyzed, studied to extract the lessons.

For me it is out of the question to question their legitimate importance except to open the door to their gradual disappearance for the benefit of better "efficiency". This is indeed the announcement of the reign of quantity described by Guénon (who is not necessarily right, but not always wrong either!).

The design of an annual calendar is a difficult and delicate work which must be the result of a teamwork between the five lights with the objective of the advancement of each and the sustainability of the lodge.

The outfits must obligatorily (in my opinion) between accompanied by a monthly meeting of masonic work at each degree on the ritual: it is the only way which allows the brothers to appropriate the ritual and its mysteries.


On the subject of prisons.

It is impossible in a page to identify this problem which requires delving into the study of the concepts of Law, Justice, fault and reparation.

No one can contradict what you denounce in our current prison system.

That said, in a society of law, a law which is the foundation and the guarantee of social relations in a democracy, respect for the Law must be the basis of life in community.

Any failure must be penalized proportionately to ensure in the name of the people, the punishment of the fault AND the reparation (material or moral) of the damage.

It is on this basis that the delegation was made between the individual and the social group so that he renounces individual revenge.




Message N ° 15 : Hello,
If the Standard Rite of Scotland is a backward folk exploitation all the other rites are also in this case to see worse by looking well (?)
Especially since in the subject the word "folk" seems pejorative to see worse.
The Brothers of the RSE "play comedy in the Lodge, is it really serious". No comedy and yes it's serious!
That said, the rituals are only the repetitive support for thinking about a system of morals taught by allegory by means of symbols.
It never occurred to me. . .but when I think about it I could "unzip" in the same way all the rites without exception (those that I know: Emulation, RF, York, RER, MM, REAA including the GODF versions for some)
For the decorations should we think that hats and caps, swords and aprons etc .... are the futuristic expression and without folklore of an uninhibited Masonry?
So the CSR will end at PINDER and the others will go on March.
Without forgetting that the FM has 300 years of existence.


Message N ° 16:

This issue 11 (of BIM) is extremely interesting and covers a lot of very important subjects.

The orientation of certain solutions that you suggest is the opposite of my understanding of Freemasonry.

I am just as dissatisfied as you are with the number of points you mention.

However my wish is to preserve for the generations the formidable tool of personal development (with a view to the material and moral improvement of human society) which is the masonic lodge.

That said I can understand that this is not the case for others.

In which case, it would be necessary for those there to invent a new structure more in line with their expectations than to try to transform the existing to their tastes.

For my part, I believe that the mythical invention of the Grand eLoge in 1717 was only, on the one hand the search for a social tool for pacification and on the other hand a control of power over this same tool, which has been taken up everywhere by a centralized structure, Lodge, Order or Council.


My feeling is that these central structures largely contribute to the crystallization of Freemasonry that you denounce.

They must disappear to allow the lodges to find in a loose federal unit a freedom of action at all levels. Besides, the Federation of Free Lodges is growing day by day.

The muffled confrontation (or not!) Between Grand Lodge and Supreme Council is essentially due to people who confuse their ego and their function.

Masonic work continues in a curriculum of many degrees which is not imposed on anyone but which enriches those who invest in it.

Finally the "public speaking" of Masonry is an illusion from the secular world: no one has received power from me to speak on my behalf, and in my workshops opinions, feelings, positions on such or such subject are also the personalities are diverse.

Respect for these differences is called tolerance and founds work in the lodge.

My lodge is neither a political party, nor a union, nor an NGO, nor a psychiatrist's office, but a unique place where everyone comes to work their stone under the fraternal and helping gaze of their brothers.

It is this work that must be privileged and boosted.

The better the masons will be, the better the World will be: but let us not be mistaken about a time scale, that of humanity is not that of man.

You have to count in millennia …… ..


Message N ° 17:


Comments on passages concerning the rites and the Masonic ideal:


" We can deduce from the history of Freemasonry that the first conceptions of the Masonic ideal predate the conceptualization and organization of the rites that we know today ."


I'm not sure what that means

The rites were formed by tatonement at the same time as the development of so-called speculative masonry.


"The legend of Hiram, itself, was not known at the time of the creation of the 1st Grand Lodge created in London in 1717."


But this legend is the only real construction of FM, already formalized in the Pritchard document!


"The Masonic ideal has been enriched as society has evolved, while the rites, if their applications in lodges vary greatly between countries and lodges, have remained relatively identical."


This is not the case for the French Rite which evolved under the influence of positivism with the Amiable Rite and then returned to a more traditional form under the influence of Groussier from 1935 to 1955.

See the excellent 'what do I know' by Meyer and Bauer: -




"As much as the rites impose a logic, so much the Masonic ideal could be summed up in great principles to which one would add a working method."


The rites do not impose a logic: it is a practice that involves the speech and the bodies of the participants. If we stick to the text, it seems to me heuristically interesting from its difference compared to an algorithm.


"The Masonic ideal is also the situation that we would like to know about an occupation of the terrestrial globe by human beings anxious to preserve nature and the living world, in a peaceful relationship of mutual respect between them and active solidarity , under the authority of a freely chosen structure to which would be delegated the responsibility of ensuring harmony and developing knowledge. The Masonic ideal implies the balance between the One and the All. "


If we want to talk about ecology, we can wonder if our symbolic tools, by the economy of means and the use of the imagination, are not an example to limit the debauchery of energy and resources consumed by the tools of our industrial society ...


"There is a complementarity between the Masonic ideal and the objective of perfection that the rites induce. As much as the Masonic ideal is open and adapts to lived experiences, the rites impose an approach and a reference (most often which may appear to be relatively dogmatic. "


I am not sure that there is a goal of perfection in the practice of a rite. The objective of perfection is the expression of the values ​​of masonry.

The Judeo-Christian reference of FM is perfectly justifiable, even if it irritates certain supporters of 'uncompromising secularism'. Hiram's murder can be interpreted as a secularization of what René Girard says about his conception of religion in opposition to the sacrificial message: the refusal of the scapegoat.


"It may seem regrettable that in the Grand Orient of France, the relative dissociation between the functioning of the blue lodges and those of the high ranks is not accompanied by a formalization of a three-step rite which has a real existence. Although in the current language one speaks about the French rite to indicate the rite with three degrees, this appellation does not really cover an organization of a rite because the French rite, strictly speaking, also has its high ranks. "


Interesting but poorly formulated problem. What distinguishes the GODF from other obediences is that it prohibits the Chapters from interfering in the functioning of the blue lodges. This in contrast to what happens for example at the DH and at the GLDF where the high guards exercise a real 'clerical' equivalent of a clergy of a church. I believe that the same drawback exists at GLNF.

Now there is a real problem in masonry on the three degrees of the blue boxes, and mainly on the grade of companion which lacks consistency compared to the other two.

It is linked to the emergence of the legend of Hiram; the three grades became confusedly formalized around 1730, at the same time as the legend. It is linked more precisely to the myth of continuity between operative and speculative masonry. On the construction sites, there was only one boss and companions. The aim of speculative masonry is to progress towards the master's grade to which every mason must succeed. Nothing to do with the operation of a construction site; this obsession with continuity masks another phenomenon: the transition from a patriarchal society to a society of brothers, therefore democratic. This brings us back to the multiple interpretations of the legend of Hiram. There there is truly a work of evolution of the rituals in parallel with the deepening of democracy in our modern societies.


The emergence of masonry took place less than thirty years after the 'Glorious Revolution' which coincided with the emergence of modern parliamentary power. It is not a coincidence....


Message N ° 18: About the post dedicated to the election of the new President of the Republic:


What a fundamental Masonic error to speak politics! Contrary to all our fundamental, symbolic and ritual values. Macron is not the GADLU as far as I know!


Response from the editorial staff of Masonic Ideal:

Your opinion is respectable and in response we allow you to specify:


- if you want to develop your answer, we are ready to publish it on our site and in the next delivery of BIM


- to evoke a political opinion for a freemason has never been the subject historically of a formal prohibition in the founding texts of the masonic approach provided on the one hand not to enter into political controversies and on the other apart from always respecting different opinions.


- If in certain lodges and certain obediences, the approach of political questions is generally avoided it is only because drifts are often observed which can lead to weaken the cohesion of brothers and sisters.


- The statement to which you reacted was only a statement of a reality; the masonic lodges can work serenely only because we benefit from the republican protection which guarantees the President of the Republic. We honor him (see one of the health of table lodges) on the one hand because of this protection and on the other hand because he is committed to defending the values ​​of the Republic which are also ours.


Message N ° 19: About the post dedicated to the election of the new President of the Republic:


Hello, This site becomes politically oriented which is contrary to my idea of ​​the Masonic ideal. Please remove me from the subscriber list.


Message N ° 20: About the post "Improving Man and / or Society: the limits of a challenge!" :


Hello, Very nice article. The one on the Masonic ideal too. And apparently many others ... You seem to be avoiding controversy. You seem to want to get to the point. And this is what emerges from your blog. A certain intelligence and at the service of others. So well done. One day, perhaps, you will tell me which box you are in because there we might one day be able to accept a blindfold again, but this time: in confidence so that we can continue ...


Message N ° 21: About the post "Improving Man and / or Society: the limits of a challenge!" :


T.:C.:F .:,

I looked at your site, very rich. It is not easy to find your monthly notebooks, however very interesting, and there is no "button" to connect to them. If you want to consult back issues, do you have to subscribe each time again? Finally, you are requesting comments but there are no corresponding fields.


Message N ° 22: About the post "Three hundred years of age and a hope: Youth!"


I had already expressed, it seems to me, my interpretation of the history of masonry.

The creation of the grade of Master open to all entrants in masonry is a democratic advance compared to the 'operational' reference where the site manager was ... the only boss. It is in my opinion like that that we must interpret the trial and error for the elaboration of the three grades, thirty years after the Glorious Revolution which was a decisive step towards democratic parliamentarism. The operational 'straining' efforts only mask this reality. Having your nose riveted on Masonic historiography with these multiple details and his works of boring and useless erudition, only 'serves' to hide it. For the tercentenary, a multidisciplinary anthropological analysis, a 'real' historical and sociological analysis would be very useful. I finally found a renowned anthropologist who believes that the Masonic 'field' should be investigated by the SHS. The high grade fanfreluches are the fact of continental masonry. My visits to the emulation rite made me discover it. As for Martinism and other 'exaltations' of this kind, I prefer a glass of Italian beverage. Fortunately often in masonry the spirit prevails over this 'kind' of spirituality!


Message N ° 23: About the post: "Three hundred years of age and one hope: Youth!"


We must think of the universal purpose in well-being.


Message N ° 24: About the notion of "elitism" in the Masonic ideal:


Larousse definition of the word Élitisme: Attitude or policy aiming at forming and selecting the best elements of a group on the level of intellectual or physical aptitudes, at the expense of the mass.


Ritual: "Are you a Freemason? ":" My FF & SS recognize me as such ".


So the FF MM stand out at the expense of the masses. In this case, they can neither contribute to the improvement of Man and Humanity, nor practice mutual Tolerance within the framework of the motto: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".


The word "elitism" is ill chosen, to say the least unhappy. I would have preferred to read: a demanding altruism.


Message N ° 25: About transhumanism


Transhumanism = to be constantly monitored, vigilance!

Human-machine fusion

Man transformed and augmented, robots, prostheses, stem cells, science fiction? > 1985 the symbol "h +" representing transhumanism, philosophy, current proposing by physical and intellectual improvements, or medical and psychiatric, computer science and cognitive sciences to help the Man by pushing back the limits of the Man by the neuro science and nanotechnology ... with the aim of fighting against suffering, old age, handicap, death etc.

Subject for reflection for FM concerned, progress for Humanity ?? what challenges ?? a dream, a utopia? an Ideal, a Hope? what ethics ?? therefore concern and let us remain vigilant because risks.

The mechanistic conception of transhumanists is a fundamentally immoral representation of the body. If my body is interchangeable, it no longer belongs to me and I am no longer responsible for it. It would be a disaster in the field of ethics ”, Jean-Marie Besnier professor of philosophy at the University of Paris Sorbonne.



Message N ° 26: About the BIM17 newsletter dedicated to femininity


When we speak of 'the integration of the' sacred 'feminine remains to be done!', We are in the essentialization of the feminine, more precisely a definition of an essentialization which must translate into rituals.

Does this mean that we must reintroduce elements of the adoption ritual into our rituals which are male rituals, moreover adopted (sic) by the GLFF after the war?

This means that the GLFF sisters were mistaken in adopting the AASR, which they were moreover forced to reconstitute without a license, from what I understood.

So we would have to reintroduce elements of this adoption ritual which is not a symbol of construction.

If it is not that, then we should work on it.

I think it preferable to definitively abandon the stereoytypes associated with 'masculine' and 'feminine' and the associated symbolic projections. ``

This is what GODF did with the interpretation of art 76 RG: we initiate human beings.

But most brothers and even sisters have not yet emotionally integrated it ...

Long and painful efforts ...


Message N ° 27:




I discover your site ...


I am above all a citizen of the world

a citizen of the sculptor world who develops only humanist themes.

I'm trying to learn Esperanto right now, and doing some research

I realized that FM and Esperanto had been very close at the start of the century.

By getting closer in particular through the peace movement .... unfortunately ..

bad patriotism caused the FMs to return to their national interests ...


I was getting ready to join La LUF-France

but their banner on the OJ 2024


OJ presented as symbolizing "our values, our fraternity, our hopes for peace"

cooled me a lot !!!

I am also not very cheerful by the immobility of the different Obediences ... who pray for their chapel.

Fortunately in our T :. where 7 workshops of different obediences work,

we have a very strong desire to enrich ourselves with our differences.

I ardently wish to work on this type of inter-obediential links


I don't really like the hierarchy underlying high ranks!


I dream of T :. in apron of C :. with as little cord as possible

(why not stick to the first 2 grades?)

with a ritual in Esperanto (I know that an L: of the GLDF used it at the beginning of the 19th ... but did not personally trace it)


I dream of a humanist and less biblical symbolism.

Because if our ambition is to work for the progress of humanity, we must open up

to the different cultural myths that have shaped humanity.

all cultures are based on creative myths ... the FM must welcome them all ...


Message N ° 28:



This issue 20 on the theme "Poetry and Freemasonry" is very informative and of high quality.

Thank you for the thoughtful work.

Yes "we obey an inner fire"



Message N ° 29:


Good evening my TCF Matéo

Thank you once again for sending BIM ('n ° 20')

Just a note: it amazes me that you admitted to leaving a writing

in inclusive writing ... it's neither pleasant to read, nor pleasant to hear,

in other words ... it's null, irrelevant (between Us) and even out of place.

That's my opinion !



PS: in addition, even "the title 'is not (in writing of ... con ....) !!!

Its author is really not on top of your other articles

(I did not write "its author" ... it would have been RIDICLE !!)

Message N ° 30: About the site


Thank you Matheo.
I have always found your site interesting. I like the articles. I like what comes out of it. I also like the few exchanges we had, always cordial.

I remember from my first email, you were already asking me "How can we help you?" or "What do you expect from us?" ... Without even knowing each other. Already, just having an answer, it was already really pleasant. It gave substance to your texts.

I found the texts that I read on your site, fair and true. I like your approach. So, for all of this, really thank you.



Message N ° 31: (About the Masonic New Year)


Hi and Brotherhood,


In our dressing room, we abandoned this ridiculous dating to refer to the republican calendar.


Message N ° 32: (Regarding the question under study of the lodges "Do art and culture remain solid ramparts against barbarism?")


I am very surprised at your point of view on this issue. I think that you did not understand the question and above all you give the impression of not knowing the meaning (in all its meanings) of the word Barbarie. Humanity is built of interactions of all kinds. Why not study all these phenomena linked to art and culture? Why not take a look at these language tools intended to communicate but also to format social thinking? What is their place in what we consider FM :. individual freedom of conscience ?. I am convinced that this question opens the way to investigation in several fields (see dimensions) sociology, psychology, philosophy ... art simply !! Frat to you. PS. Too bad your site does not give the opportunity to respond (and publish) the responses and reactions of your readers


Message N ° 33: About the Masonic secret


Yep ... Secrecy in the dressing room means above all that what a person says will not be disclosed to the outside. This is what allows authentic speech safely. The secret is also quite simply a collective experience which cannot be learned by a simple reading. On the notion of separation, of the sacred, I agree. I know that many GODF brothers refuse to be told about the sacred. They are the same ones who are often visceral anti-clerics and refuse spirituality. All this is not serious; we can ironically say that with them the sacred is repressed, or that they practice the sacred 'without the knowledge of their own free will' but still draw psychic benefit from it ...


Message N ° 34: About the intervention of the GM of GLFF in the European Parliament on the situation of unbelievers


Totally agree with the position of the GLFF. I certainly couldn't have said it better! But ... was it heard?



Message N ° 35: About the page on the Masonic ideal:


Thank you for, this beautiful text on the Masonic ideal, but we know very well how many thinkers have imagined an ideal society (Thomas More, Plato, etc ...) that it is a utopia (place where we never arrive ) and that despite this we continue our approach because hope, truth and brotherhood are not them, not empty words to BE what we are.

Good Frat. Florent



Message N ° 36: From ideal society to utopia, there is only one step:


Since the 18th century (and this is likely to last a long time) two types of Masonry deeply irreconcilable coexist: - the 1st, attached to the operational tradition, aims to transform the man from the inside to make him aware of his origin divine, and thus make it more useful to one's neighbor. It makes the Mason a stronger man by giving him power over himself. - the second, from reformist and progressive currents, aims to change society by tending to normalize thinking (and with it the notion of good and evil). It makes the Mason a man turned towards the profane world, persuading this one that the power on others is preferable to the power on oneself! Introspection vs authoritarianism? These two approaches exist (needless to deny it), but they lead to different paths.

The unknown philosopher


Message N ° 37: About the post on the crisis of spirituality:


We must go beyond the binary distinction between spirituality and materiality.

Spirituality will always exist since there are humans who think, interact, talk to each other ...

Frat. Yvon


Message N ° 38: About the post on the conference "Spiritualities and coexistence":


Elected officials and representatives of the Republic must not swear allegiance to the power and influence of the various Churches in order to make the Universal Fraternity live better.
Good luck to all


Message N ° 39: About the post on the conference "Spiritualities and coexistence":


Thank you for this initiative which I hope will breathe new life into our world.

I had the opportunity to listen to Sofia Stril-Rever during a conference, she is an extraordinary woman more than remarkable.

If all the speakers are of this caliber success is guaranteed.




Message N ° 40: About the site:


Randomly from a search, I have just "fallen" on this site which seems to me to be, through the first steps I have just taken, a great initiative and could contribute to "bringing together what is scattered"! ..


Message N ° 41: About the post on GM of GODF:


I represent the agency that manages press relations for the Grand Orient de France. We have seen the account of the election of the Grand Master that you made. We would like to be able to get in touch with you so that we can send you press releases and invite you to events organized by the GODF (press lunches, demonstrations, etc.). Could you possibly call me.



Message N ° 42: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


Responding to the call made on; I come to offer you my humble help in the creation of the association aimed at illustrating the benevolence of the Masonic ideal.

I was once given a very negative image of it, when I find myself fundamentally attached to its values; this is why I very much hope to be able to make my contribution to the building, to the extent of my abilities.


Message N ° 43: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


I have read your Masonic ideal. I comply easily. I come from a family born from this ideal: a grandfather, Adrien CIRILLE who was Grand Master in Martinique; a great-grandfather, stepfather of my grandfather who was also.


I am ready to build this ideal in Martinique which is seriously lacking.


However, this ideal, in my opinion, will have to be reflected by people genuinely ready to commit themselves to this ideal and able to understand any Masonic project. By associating in this way, this ideal can be disseminated among the largest population among women and men of all countries.


Martinique, however nicknamed the All-world, fishes by a lack of openness to the world and tolerance provoking acts of serious violence.


My freedom of expression has been severely hampered for many decades and I am ready to take up this challenge with my relatives and allies.

Sincerely - Isabelle


Message N ° 44: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


Bjr Matéo, it is important to be able, thanks to your skills and experiences, to grow such an honorable project.

With great pleasure I would like to be able to participate in your business and while waiting for your news, thank you for considering me as a friend to your brotherhood.



Message N ° 45: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


Bjr Matéo, it is important to be able, thanks to your skills and experiences, to grow such an honorable project.


Message N ° 46: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


hello BCCA (Very Dear Anonymous Contact?)

I agree with the 9 "Divine" points of this Masonic ideal .....

Even if they are not always respected in the lodge & especially in the jurisdictions of HG!

FM for 23 years & shared between the south and Paris I am gladly awaiting more information on this future association; his Aura & his action?

fraternally to You


Message N ° 47: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


This is a very exciting proposal which appears to be in the
straight out of the human virtues that we seek to make triumph.
I don't know if I can be useful ... I would like it ...
I wish you a happy day.



Message N ° 48: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


I am ready for your association proposal.
In Belgium there is a group called Imago which gives lectures to explain FM to laymen. The problem is that this often has to be initiated by a local secular movement and that they have few demands.


Message N ° 49: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


Hello ... following your writings create an association for laymen ... I would be strongly interested



Message N ° 50: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


I just saw on twitter your project to create an international association to promote the Masonic ideal. I find this idea great and would like to participate in its creation. Can you give me more information.

Frat. Jean Michel


Message N ° 51: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:




((33º REAA and 66º, 90º, 95º MEMPHIS MISRAIM)).

I stay with your news.


Message N ° 52: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:



I find the idea excellent. I'm not a Freemason, at least not
again, because I made a request that is in progress.
Would you accept a minor place for the uninitiated? At least in
as simple members, offering to relay information,
at least ?
Where can I keep abreast of the progress of your association project
(website, facebook page)?
Thanking you.
Sincerely, Jean-Michel


Message N ° 53: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:



Am interested in participating in the creation of an association open to the Masonic ideal



Message N ° 54: About the project to create an association for the promotion of the Masonic ideal:


Of course, your provisional statutes are a bit of a shell

very classic administrative, they don't learn much,

your goals either, as soon as you are an F∴.

But it's natural, so I'll wait a bit to find out

more on colors (which obediences? diversity?…) to

tell my FF∴ about it.

So keep my address warm while waiting for your creation,

you still have my fraternal sympathy.

With a Tr∴ and Frat∴ Acc∴



Message N ° 55: About a passage in the history page of the FM:


You quote: "Creation in Paris of the Rite of Memphis by the brothers Marc, Michel and Joseph Bédarride, members of the imperial army returning from Italy." Is this not the Misraïm rite? Thank you for all this work.

(Editor's note: correction made)


Message N ° 56: Contact request:


I am very close to you to request information and to have an orientation on 1 lodge which is in Dakar near Parcelle Assenie! Thank you Best regards



Message N ° 57: Contact request:


Hello, thank you for the effort made to make the paths to more light, freedom and solidarity viable; that said, can i know if i can contact some masons here in Algiers? Thank you and very good luck.


Message N ° 58: About the universal ritual:


Hello, The FF and SS of the French rite chapter Je Doute à l'Orient de Blois have developed a ritual of this type for the 4 grades. Friendship Frat, JPS


Message N ° 59: About the site:


Hello everyone It is with great pleasure that I look at Masonic ideal, I appreciate it very much and I wanted to tell you. Thanks to the TAF editorial team


Message N ° 60: About the book The Masonic Lodge:


it's a very nice book! I ordered it and read it :)



Message N ° 61:


I love you for your courage in thinking and I will be preparing a number of poems for you in the coming weeks.

Good luck to all



Message N ° 62:

Thank you for referencing our workshop Les Vrais Humanistes lodge 0900 du GODF on your site. We have been in the GODF temple since 1974, secular era. The workshop is mixed since the GODF is mixed, we limit the number of our members to around 50 and have had the jois by three times to swarm (Aegitna Universalis, French Tradition at GODF, and Domus Fraterna at GLMU). If you need other information, logo and editorial mini I am at your disposal.


(Editor's note: Referencing done on the page dedicated to the lodges)


Message N ° 63: About the post dedicated to the petition supporting JLM

My brother,

A small correction: it is not "the high ranks of the REAA who are indignant", but a Brother of these high ranks.




Message N ° 64: About the site and the blog

I always await with curiosity and interest the articles of "Masonic Ideal". I really like your doubts and your transgressions.



Message N ° 65: About the article on the "Melenchon virus":

MTCF, here are the main points to clarify on the blog whose editorial line belongs to you and it is respectable. I just note the factual errors.


  1. This initiative was not commissioned by anyone, but was born from a local will around inter-logistical work on Europe.

  2. The GO and its great master Foussier, have nothing to do with the genesis of the project which is in no way an order.

  3. At the beginning of this project in November 2017, Mélenchon was not in the headlines for its membership of the GO and this aspect was the least of our concerns.

  4. Pau is not a radical land, but a socialist one.

  5. The conference was not open to laymen, with the exception of the public conference. All those present on Thursday, Friday (except the public conference) and Saturday were masons.

  6. 340 FF and SS gathered over three days to speak about Europe constitute a first in Province, and is therefore rather a subject of contentment and hope.

  7. As for the age of the audience, I remind you that the average age of initiation to GO is 56 years. (phew, despite my 18 years of masonry, I am even younger than that…))))))


Here are some useful details. One last thing, it is awkward to watch a video of the Grand Master taken on the net taken without his consent.


From the discussion comes light, but on condition that it is a discussion with contrary or even opposite arguments. Otherwise, we would always read the same newspapers, never change our thinking, which would sterilize things and lead to the emptiness of minds and ideas.




"Curve only to love" ... Whatever happens! ...


Message N ° 66: About the site:


I discover. Good initiative. Not being the reader of a single "book" your "ecumenism" interests me because I believe (To believe: Attach credit to something whose existence is hypothetical) to union in diversity. It may be a utopia ........ but what would we do without it?
Saint Ex said "If you are different from me my brother you enrich me".
I prefer "It is because you are different from me that you enrich me"

Jean Pierre


Message N ° 67: About the file on "woman and Freemason":


I discovered late the dossier on femininity in masonry. I you
congratulates on this rich contribution to the debate.

The "globalized" world is so complex that no group can
successfully manage it. To be able to hope to achieve it humans
must use all the wealth accumulated by all cultures, including
understood those resulting from the difference in perception of the world by
men and women.

Freemasonry was created to help us respect those who
think and feel things differently than we do.

Controversies over the relationships between Masonic obediences
masculine, feminine, mixed, "recognized" by La Grande Loge Unie
of England or not, as well as on the initiation of women prove
that we are still far enough away.

This does not preclude discussing the initiation of women in relation to
that of men - discussions that I try to summarize on

I send you my frat greetings:

Peter bu (play)
http: //www.franc-maç ( )


Message N ° 68: About the presentation of the pages of the site:


Subscribed to the newsletter, I am a regular reader of your chronicles and a gourmet lover (among others) of the poems compiled on the site.

However, this pleasure is thwarted by the moving wallpapers which, to be suggestive, are no less annoying because they are demobilizing and disturbing for the view. Wouldn't it be possible to reserve these animated wallpapers on the home screen and to neutralize them to facilitate the reading of the texts?


Editor's note: this opinion has been taken into account.


Message N ° 69: About the site:


I admire your work!



Message N ° 70: About the site:


I visited it quickly and I saw the amount of interesting information
available, which makes me want to take the time to visit it in

Jean Michel


Message N ° 71: About the site:


I leafed through your site. Magnificent, and what a job. It is really worth to be known, I will share around me.



Message N ° 72: About the directory of masonic sites:


Very nice, this list!



Message N ° 73: About the site:


Many of our FF and SS like me, follow your site and appreciate the content.



Message N ° 74: About the site:


I visited your site, it is a beautiful thing to carry our philosophy outside.



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