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Why this website ?

Created in November 2015, the website, which was joined in early 2016 by the BIM newsletter (Brèves d', asserts itself as the support of an interobediential current of Masonic expression that could be characterized by three themes :


  • The rigor-

  • The opening-

  • and the reform.


We claim the rigor to respect the ethics of our commitment (both personally and as a freemason, for the practice of rituals, for the quality of our work in the box and for the seriousness of our reflections.


We advocate open-mindedness so that the Masonic ideal is not perceived as sectarian and dogmatic: openness towards the abolition of gender segregation, openness to non-believers (and atheists), towards a better approach other cultures of the world, openness to the layman too and to all that human intelligence has produced and continues to produce.


We also propose a reflection on reforms that we consider essential to make better known the Masonic values ​​and to adapt our rituals and our organizations to the modern world and the contemporary knowledge. The Masonic ideal deserves to be better known and diffused in all the layers of the society and in all the countries of the world. The Masonic ideal, while respecting the traditions, must turn to the future and to the youths of the world. It's time to turn the page of the eighteenth century.


Refusing sterile polemics, we do not want to interfere in obediential problems and in interpersonal conflicts because we think that Freemasonry is a beautiful and big family where every sensibility can have its place and that there can not be any competition between us!


We are a small team of sisters and brothers of many persuasions and we do not wish a personalization of our reflections because we have no other ambition than to participate in the debate of ideas and the valuation of our ideal.


All our externalization passes by an assumed name: Mateo Simoita in which we all recognize ourselves. We claim the necessary secrecy to respect our families.


If you too, recognize yourself in these values ​​and in this approach, do not hesitate to contact us. Subscribing is undeniable moral support that will encourage us. Contributing by entrusting us with your boards and reflections (which will be published under the seal of anonymity) is an important aid to improve the contributions. Together we can contribute to value this beautiful ideal which is ours!


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 L'Idéal Maçonnique, Objectif Sagesse !

The Masonic Ideal, Objective Wisdom !