Discover Freemasonry

There are several ways to discover Freemasonry; in particular, let's quote :

A book discovery:

There are many books available for everyone according to their area of interest: history, symbolism, philosophy, humanism, etc.; the easiest way is to make a first selection from a search engine and then go to a bookstore with a well-stocked "Freemasonry" section and browse through the selected titles to make your choice; we propose the book "1717-2017 - The Masonic ideal revisited", a collective work by Mateo Simoita.

Reading Masonic magazines:

Let's quote the most famous:

-Freemasonry Magazine

-Humanism magazine

-Initiatory points of view

-The union chain

-Villard de Honnecourt

To order them, see the website of the Conform editions

Meetings with freemasons:

This is an important step; there are several ways to do this:

Find out about the existence of Freemasons in your surroundings; when you approach the subject discreetly it is rare not to find out!

Attend a conference dedicated to Freemasonry and at the break, talk about it with the speaker. 

Write to an obedience and ask to meet a lodge leader.

The world of the web:

In addition to the various pages of this site, we offer you a list of websites dedicated to freemasonry.

Listening to radio broadcasts:

On France Culture: Various aspects of contemporary thought can be listened to live or in podcasts 

The Masonic webradios: we propose you here an overview of Radio Delta; let us also quote "2 columns in the front page";

On the local radio stations: there are sometimes interviews that can be interesting.

And don't hesitate to contact us!

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