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Don't forget!

Sisters and brothers for Maat gathered,

Today, our lodge is celebrating,

An opportunity for all of us to talk about

This is a challenge to keep in mind!

We had to want it our creation,

This noble and generous will,

On the construction site to accept the vision

Renewed and always very serious teams!

Sisters and brothers, in action committed

It's a dream, a desired hope,

We have to do something about it for a change,

But also to invent in order to be able to innovate.

Our misty minds, so many years stuck in the mist!

The building site is huge, and to reform us,

In this macho world, a beautiful ambition,

A necessary effort, deserves our attention!

Let's reject the vulgar, bachelor humor,

Constantly, let's raise our spirits,

And always, let's take up the challenge,

Make this beautiful dream the life of a new era!

We must, confirm the intention,

Constantly, controlling our impulses,

Refuse, the old temptations,

To affirm in fact this new mission.

My dear sisters, we must get out of the shadows,

It's time to assert your desires,

Claim, display all your claims

For without you, where would our future be!

My dear brothers, let's break the habit,

To speak, louder than usual,

Just think, and work with those,

These sisters who join us and close to us excel!

We have to invent, a new way,

To put into practice, a true equality,

Beyond respect, a drive to be proud

A dosed complement, a real bliss.

The workshop needs that dose of insolence...

Who can breathe this wind of renewal

That desire to get into the dance

To live the mix as something beautiful!

Imbued with the lessons of this ancient Egypt,

Where the woman before all else was the equal of the man

It's easier for us to take this viaticum

Open this door and live it up!

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