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For Saint-Jean d'Eté

Venerable Master in the Chair and all of you my dear brothers,

We're happy for this new outfit

To be able to celebrate, with sincere fervor...

This customary festival of ebb and flow.

On this twenty-fourth day of June..,

We'll be assembled to celebrate together

Like our brothers before us, a saint who looks like us,

Which permeates our wool like ooze!

If we are reunited, the living and the spirit..,

In this familiar place, in the commonplace agape,

Isn't the main reason for taking the bet...

To honor in front of everyone at this solstitial feast.

These are not words that would be meaningless...

Who could speak out without the slightest decency

For the Word in the Lodge is not just an opinion,

Thrown over time as an impression.

Generative force of the Fire by the Verb that is being stirred up,

See the heirs of an asserted greatness

Honour that chain that binds us to the past,

Celebrate our values, fortify the site!

By all of you, beloved Brothers, for this day at the table

Here and elsewhere, but always together,

Let the light erase the shadows that threaten

Let peace be spread for everlasting happiness.

Often, through our thoughts, we sought the way

That could lead us to the Brotherhood!

Many were the expectations where we reached out our hand!

Many were the sterile dead ends in freedom!

And the earth constantly imposed its constraints.

To endure the trials, we had to accept!

Who among us did not have in those moments of fear

The confused sense of futility?

Yesterday we were alone waiting for the wind

In an affectionate breath we transmit the word,

Sweep the avatars away, keep us away from the fools,

Light up the cold, announce the new year!

On the path and in the wind, very gently,

The mists released, our senses solicited,

The temple appeared to us and we were happy...

To know from now on who to work with!

Here we are, out of time, very present!

Heirs of our brothers, we have remained faithful

At that time of mysteries when salt was thrown away,

In this bliss unknown to mankind.

In this immense happiness like no other

Our thoughts wander, a companion awakens us...

Cuddly and bewitching looks,

Hand pressure while panting

Sea pepper from a slow kiss!

Brothers, Children of Light, here we are today,

Present in the universe where men are restless,

Convinced, despite everything, that a new order exists...

Who will see us tomorrow giving meaning to life!

In this perverse world where men tear each other apart...

Let's understand that they're crazy, drunk with distress...

By letting himself slide into the spiral of the worst,

Not knowing what to do to overcome their weaknesses.

Fear reigns in this world with contempt for mankind,

Obscene flower of a land left to ignorance,

Blind and lawless fear, generative of violence,

Abject fear, the midwife of an unhealthy universe.

In this lawless world, we are fighters,

Without arms and without violence, who respect the law,

To remove fear and restore meaning

To the lives of all those who have lost their faith!

E educated and trained not to be afraid,

We were initiated to lead destiny,

Of all those human beings, far from happiness,

And generate in them the desire to be mutineers!

By the porch that is crossed in this place gathered together,

Far from the fears of the layman we are ready to relive

The immutable ritual of all initiates

Companions on the path and holders of the Book!

The sun has set on this short day.

Without giving way to rest, we draw among us

The energy we need to know, first of all,

Faithful to our quest, do not change your attire.

Without forgetting, we have respected

Duty to see us around the burning fire,

Wishing to find among us this momentum

Necessary and vital to peaceful minds!

From all continents and all orients,

In this month of December, when nature calls for

The decline of life in conscious rest,

The Freemasons get up and join the ritual!

Faithful to our ancestors, here we are unified

In peace and love, to honor this day,

The glory of the Grand Orient, hope revived

Who will see our words heard by the deafest of the deaf!

This is not a party where the participants

Let go of their more or less delusional instincts

To dominate their minds and cross the forbidden line

Thinking that tomorrow will be another life!

It's not a party for all those idolaters...

Intoxicated with rumors, succumbing to the fumes,

That hide the misery and their unworthiness

By believing that life is nothing but a theatre!

Death is behind us, we have passed it!

Hope is in us, we must celebrate it!

Those who have initiated hope in us too

Make this dream come true a thousand times over!

Erase the sadness of the children of Bombay,

To dry the sad tears that water the heavens,

To save dignity unjustly violated!

To keep away the carrion that offends the Gods!

This call for more humanity,

A hidden emotion that one dares to reveal,

Her name is Hope, and she shines in the evening...

A thousand bright lights that only we can see!

Our health is a greeting, addressed to all those

That we have chosen, freely chosen,

To lead the herd of rebel initiates

That they may make the faithful word heard!

Our health is a vow that has nothing laudatory about it,

To all those who pretend to put up with our words

Because we also know the fate of idols

Who dared to desecrate the wisdom of the heavens.

Our health is a balm to erase the wounds...

To soothe the suffering that plagues our lives

To strengthen the ties necessary for Peace

To lift sadness and restore envy.

Music and words will be the first steps

Then the flesh and gunpowder will boost the energy,

And our gathered cries will send to the stars

The accents of a call for more truth.

I dream of a feast that is more than today.

A party extended to all the insiders

Which engraves in the year its insured imprint

Who affirms in the world our unprecedented hope.

May this feast remind us of our unceasing work

That we must devote ourselves to the happiness of children...

Wonderful Innocents and Bearers of Light

Unbelievers sacrificed by the bullets of perverts.

May this party exaggerate our endless appetite

For the brotherhood, the cement of our bonds,

The energy of our lives, the indispensable energy, comes out,

Who still allows us to live among the dead!

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