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Françafrique, a cancer!

Why deny reality? There is an incredible confusion that has led to the association of "Freemasonry" and "Business - Corruption" to create the neologism "Françafrique".

This deviance, this "cancer", deserves to be condemned! For it is the rotten tree that hides a forest of honest people eager to participate in a process of reflection and research.

Shutting up, pretending not to see, maintains confusion! These people cannot be recognized as "Freemasons". It is the duty of serious obedience not to condone!

Françafrique: a nebulizer, associating businessmen, politicians, civil servants and mafosis, which benefits from the participation (and "complicit silence") of Masonic personalities and organizations.

It all began when the independence of African colonies from European countries became inevitable.

The temptation for European countries to "control" African political personnel and the need for the new African leaders to benefit from "privileged" relations has led to the creation of informal structures allowing easy contacts. This is how the Masonic lodges appeared to be particularly interesting; and then there were the fraternal lodges and also the obediences!

The N°14 of Franc-Maçonnerie Magazine includes a certain amount of information.

It is the duty of every Mason to ensure that:

  • the direct or indirect participation in France-Africa be condemned!

  • the duty of inventory is exercised so that a historical work can update the facts concerning the implication of the obediences in the functioning of FrançAfrique!

  • Inter-obediential relations are only possible if the obediences' respect for ethics is a reality!

The REHFRAM in Dakar at the end of January 2018: the impostors' ball!

Freemasonry is meant to be ethical, but this has never prevented the political powers from wanting to monopolize the obediences to make them instruments of their games of influence!

The United Grand Lodge of England has thus made a pact with the English aristocracy and the so-called "liberal" obediences, the GODF in the lead, have been regularly phagocytised by courtiers of the powers that be!

Today in Africa, to be a freemason is for the people to be close to the power and the ruling families; when the leaders are tearing each other apart some courtiers are in opposition knowing that one day they too will be in power! And yet, there are authentic Freemasons in Africa who suffer from this amalgamation.

The REHFRAMs since their creations first in 1979 and then in 1992 have always been the antechamber of the francafrique and its sometimes mafia-like politico-industrial combinations!

If at its beginnings, African courtiers sought to consolidate their relationships in large companies and Western ministries and in particular French, which made the "success" of the French-African movement, today it is the Western courtiers used to the councils of the orders who come to cultivate their relationships with the representatives of the puppet governments of French-speaking Africa, specialists in corruption and misappropriation of aid!

This moral bankruptcy affects almost all obediences up to CLIPSAS which proves with its representatives at the CPMAM of its participation in this imposture!

At the 2017 convention of the GODF, the council of the order received a zero point for its international policy but that does not prevent it today from continuing its perverse frequentation and participate in agreements of devices that have masons only the name! On the façade one wants to give lessons on the commitment in favour of the martyred or overexploited populations but behind the scenes it is the "reason of state" that prevails and the small interests of each one!

How much longer will we have to wait to see the Masonic obediences refuse to participate in this imposture?

Signalons une exception notable parmi les obédiences importantes : l’attitude responsable d’Yvette Ramon , GM du DH International qui a montré qu’elle était capable de refuser de cautionner ce genre de mascarade !

PS : il faut lire le programme prévisionnel des REHFRAM de Dakar 2018 qui seront présidées par le sieur Alphonse OBAMBI-ITOUA, (grand manitou des transports panafricains florissants du groupe Bolloré dans un Congo Brazza déchiré par une guerre civile et un pouvoir corrompu) pour se rendre compte combien on est dans l’apparence, le clinquant et le théâtre des idoles ! Le seul intérêt de ces rencontres sera peut-être de voir que L’argent des loges permettra peut-être à celles et ceux qui se détournent de leurs fonctions (à condition qu’ils-elles sortent de leur palace) de découvrir que la jeunesse africaine pourra un jour leur demander des comptes !

PS 2 : Suite à des menaces de manifestations anti-maçonniques à Dakar, les REHFRAM 2018 ont été annulées.Let's mention a notable exception among the important obediences: the responsible attitude of Yvette Ramon, GM of DH International who showed that she was capable of refusing to endorse this kind of masquerade!

PS: you have to read the provisional program of the REHFRAM of Dakar 2018 which will be chaired by Mr. Alphonse OBAMBI-ITOUA, (big manitou of the Bolloré group's flourishing pan-African transport in a Congo Brazza torn by civil war and corrupt power) to realize how much we are in the appearance, the glitz and the theatre of idols! Perhaps the only interest of these encounters will be to see that Lodge Money will perhaps allow those who turn away from their duties (provided they get out of their palace) to discover that African youth will one day be able to hold them accountable!

PS 2: Following threats of anti-Masonic demonstrations in Dakar, the REHFRAM 2018 was cancelled.


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Survie is a non-profit organization created in 1984 which denounces all forms of French neo-colonial intervention in Africa and campaigns for a real overhaul of French foreign policy in Africa.

Survie proposes a critical analysis and modalities of action encouraging everyone to demand real control over the political choices made in its name. It brings together citizens who wish to be informed, mobilized and take action.

Survie, through its research groups, produces a regular analysis of French policy in Africa and publishes brochures and books. It has more than 1300 members and 25 local groups and relays throughout France.

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