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Freemasonryis it "made" for you?

This is a quiz that we have created especially for you; it consists of 24 questions giving points for correct answers; the total of correct answers is 48 points!

These questions do not require any Masonic knowledge; the aim is to estimate the adequacy of your personal temperament with the essentials of a Masonic approach!

It could be estimated that from 24 points, the Masonic approach could suit you.

Naturally, this is just an unpretentious playful approach!

As of January 15, 2020, we have a total of 586 responses of which 585 have answered the last question that corresponds to their identity and of which here is the count below!

The first results of the questionnaire as at 26/01/2020 out of 596 answers

This questionnaire consists of 24 questions; the "correct" answers are in green.

In fact, there are no right or wrong answers, each one can be discussed.

This quizz aimed to determine the level of two orientations of a personality: optimism and ethical concern!

These personality elements can condition an adaptation to the Masonic approach.

The designer of the questionnaire has made a choice in imagining the answer closest to a Masonic commitment while being benevolent and humane.

The last two tables provide a profile of the participants and the overall responses.

For these 24 questions, the maximum score is 48 points.

It can be estimated that the average of 24 can be a reliable indicator :

- Above 24, your personal temperament must be able to facilitate your adaptation in the appropriation of Masonic values!

- Below 24, you will have to fight against prejudices!

If you wish to send us your comment.

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