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Hiram, where are you?

Renowned architect,

You lived in places

Imbued by the heavens.

You were an initiate.

Forgotten by history,

You were resurrected

By some kind of grimoire,

And became revered!

You're being introduced as Sage,

Bearer of such a secret,

Who, without the shadow of an omen,

Life took you away.

Here we are today,

In this temple together,

In the drama of your life,

And all that it induces.

Your word was lost,

Erased forever.

Our desperate search,

Never gave anything away.

We live in your mourning,

For so long,

There were many pitfalls

What we used to say exhilarating!

They'd like to forget you,

Those who think they're so strong

Playing the matadors

In the rogue arena.

But we hold out hope,

To see one day be reborn,

The destiny of your being

Revive your memory.

Maybe it's among them,

Vivian, Ahmed, Sarah,

That your genius will live,

For a bright future!

We'll know how to celebrate it,

And wait for the word

Who will see the construction site

Bringing the parable to life!

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