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Human societies need a credible and respected Freemasonry

How many misconceptions are circulating about Freemasonry! It is often presented as a network of personal interests, as a brotherhood of human beings wishing to hold the levers of power or as an evil sect. For others, it is just a club for the elderly, a more or less folkloric third age university. We also see it as an association of anti-clerics wanting to do battle with the power of religions.

It is true that since its creation in the 18th century, the history of Freemasonry has not been a long quiet river. While human beings known to be Freemasons have distinguished themselves and have shown high moral value by their commitments, Masonic institutions have not particularly shone. Their internal strife, collusion with certain discredited political powers and the confusion reigning over the different levels of responsibility have prevented the emergence of a recognized and respected moral authority.

This does not prevent us from imagining that what has not been done in more than 300 years of existence will not be in the future.

A credible and respected Freemasonry is possible because many Freemasons are aware that the current situation is sad and does not correspond to the strong potential of the Masonic dynamic.

This Masonic dynamic is based on this brilliant idea of allowing human beings to meet, in small groups, in lodges to reflect and discuss the meaning of Life, the need for Peace and Benevolence, the need for Progress and Intelligence.

This network of Masonic lodges around the world would need internal communication that facilitates the exchange of information and the emergence of a common voice.

Unlike political parties, social movements, religious powers, Masonic reflection cannot be situated in the field of protest. Faithful to the tradition of "Doing", it has the specificity of investing in the need to explore the high moral values ​​allowing to achieve the conditions of social cohesion, essential to the emergence of the Beautiful, the Just and the True.

Human societies today suffer from the divisions between the various circles of responsibility. Decision-makers seem to be in bubbles that have become blind to societal realities, only concerned with the categorical problems that concern them. It is not surprising that, under these conditions, the outbreak of violence is experienced as the only solution to "be heard"!

A credible and respected Freemasonry could constitute a place of reflection and proposals, away from the hubbub of the confused communication of the large media networks.

The Masonic lodge, a space for learning and meditation, using a ritual as a model of authentic communication, could fully play its role of "laboratory", damper of human passions to transcend them in the emergence of realistic solutions accessible to people. issues of “Living together”.

Sheltered from the temptations to conquer power, a credible and respected Freemasonry would become a center of reference, based on expertise and pragmatism.

At a time when the future of our planet is giving rise to the greatest concerns, human societies need more than ever to regain social peace and cohesion, which are essential to solving these problems.

A credible and respected Freemasonry could contribute strongly to this. The emergence of credible and respected Freemasonry is the competence of obedient leaders.

It would be up to them, in small steps, to promote this objective. Many obstacles will have to be overcome, but isn't the stake stimulating?

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