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Impressions of reading: "The keys to a new Freemasonry through the body" by F. Fouqueray

Franck Fouqueray is unquestionably a prominent figure in the Masonic landscape. Prolific author of popular Masonic works, business manager of a publishing house, creator of the Masonic site, his success arouses virulent reactions (see the reactions published on the site

An endearing personality, but considered commercial and upstart by some, Franck Fouqueray defends a tolerant, demanding and quality Freemasonry!

The title of his latest book announces two novelties: “keys” and a “new” Freemasonry!

By looking carefully, and if we understand that the concept of key can concern an "entry", the author invites us to take an interest in several entries:

- The creation of new Masonic rituals: it is not prohibited; every

time of new rituals appeared!

- Rediscover the “royal art” dear to René Guénon and Oswald Wirth

- Chinese thought (actually from Taoism although the name is not mentioned)

- Martial Arts

- Listening to the body and its use

- Sacred geometry

- Self-transformation abilities

- Humor

- nutrition needs to be rethought

- The meditation worth practicing.

Topics dear to the author:

- The devaluation of Masonic practice today

- Provocation

- Without forgetting, the glorification of the Egyptian rite!

A melancholic conclusion

Despite a very catchy title that promises a “new” Freemasonry, the author becomes realistic and questioning again, leaving the reader without an immediate solution: it is up to him to live in his heart of hearts this “new” Freemasonry!

All in all, Franck Fouqueray's book offers a reflection on Masonic practice! It is both an alert and also a lighting that some could qualify as "wokiste"!


To go further:

An interview with Franck Fouqueray by Jacques Carletto


Keys to a New Body-Based Freemasonry - Enter the Mysteries of a Little-Known Practice

Author: Franck Fouqueray

Editor Numérilivre – May 2023 – 202 pages – 22 €


Table of Contents



Where do we come from?

Let's try to define Freemasonry

Let's talk about the sacred

Let's also talk about the body

What is the difference between material and spiritual

Initiatory aspects

Let's feed on another civilization

The Five Chinese Elements

Five cardinal points

Table of the Five Elements

Square and compass, the origins

Do you know the alchemical way of martial arts

Initiatory path of martial arts

Initiatory journey in Freemasonry

The comparison trap

Pride – Vanity – Pride

Let's talk about the body during the initiation

Let's break down the initiation ceremony

Consecration before initiation

Proposed interpretations of Masonic practice

The entrance bow

The three pillars – Wisdom – Strength – Beauty

Chain of Union in Freemasonry

The ritual and its different meanings

Precedents in FM

A bit of history

Yorker ritual and the body

The 3 Elements

The Seven Planets

The 12 months of the calendar

Element correspondence table

Let's break down our work

How to enrich Freemasonry

Efficacy is not limited to the repetition of rituals

An important preamble with epigenetics

The energy approach is also very present

The four foods of the Freemason

How the Freemason eats

Solid food

Liquid food

Water and its memory

Humor – freemasonry and liquids

Fizzy food

Intangible Food

The Vipassana Experience

The primary meaning of feeding ourselves


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