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Living as a mason

How to define, today, a Masonic way of life, a "masonic way of life"?

Having good principles, good ethics and a motivating ideal is one thing, but it must help us to live! You can't be satisfied with meeting a good group of friends twice a month with whom you can boast about being the best!

If the Masonic ideal is relevant, it must be useful to help us organize our own life: this is how we approach the concept of a Masonic way of life!

Classically the way of life concerns quantitative variables :
  • Income

  • Family life: nature of the relationship, number of children

  • Type of housing and housing budget

  • Leisure outings according to the different types of leisure activities and the budget devoted to them

  • The holiday budget

  • Medical care: budget

  • Transportation: duration, type, budget

  • The equipment of the house

  • The car and its equipment

  • Etc.

There are also qualitative variables :

  • Level of education

  • Distance between work and home

  • Nature of work

  • Nature of leisure activities

  • Nature of the food

  • Type of vacation

  • Domestic workers

  • Etc.

A Masonic way of life supposes other criteria even more qualitative; we propose some of them to you without claiming that they are exhaustive (if you think of others do not hesitate to let us know).

  • Open-mindedness: this concerns curiosity, acceptance of differences, acceptance of a questioning of one's habits, respect for others;

  • Research: it is the implementation of perpetual questioning and the dynamism of doubt; a famous maxim gives us this injunction "Seek and you will find!"; here, it is not a question of obliging but of arousing the interest of an incessant search; as soon as we begin to live we have this "why?" which is constantly imposing itself on us!

  • The concern for beauty and artistic approach: this is the field of the expression of emotions and in a certain way of the dialogue with oneself; it concerns a vast field of activities which goes from the decoration of one's environment to the artistic practice ;

  • The altruism: this impulse of the heart is not reserved for us and it is an important area of exchange with the social environment but in masonry, this altruism is not intended to seek a salary; the masonic tradition encourages us not to seek a thank you;

  • Non-violence: it is very demanding because the natural impulse of human nature towards aggressiveness is so strong; this non-violence is of course physical but it is first of all moral; non-violence towards other human beings but also for nature which brings us so much!

  • Self-protection and caution: the freemason must learn to protect himself or herself; for this he or she can also use symbolic thought; the duty of self-protection has a direct application in the control of addictions and suicidal behaviour;

  • Non-desire: this is a major contribution of Chinese and Buddhist philosophies; non-desire is reinforced by modern psychological knowledge on the perverse effects of transfers; non-desire is acquired not through renunciation but through assurance and confidence in the long term.

Quiz: Do you live as a mason?

We offer you this unpretentious test to assess your lifestyle for yourself.

Simply answer these questions spontaneously without thinking too much; mark on a piece of paper your answer to each question: for example Q1A or Q1C.

At the end of the test we will tell you how to establish your score!

21 questions (with 1 specific question for men and one for women).

Question 1: When you read the newspaper, which of the choices of the proposed sections would you be most interested in?

Answer A: The Funeral

Answer B: Horse racing

Answer C: The culture section

Question 2: When was the last book you bought?

Answer A: Less than a month ago

Answer B: Between one and 6 months

Answer C: More than 6 months

Question 3: Have you been part of a humanitarian association?

Answer A: Yes still

Answer B: Yes some time ago

Answer C: No never

Question 4: What is your consumption of alcoholic beverages?

Answer A: I don't drink them

Answer B: From one to three glasses a day

Answer C: More than 3 glasses a day

Question 5 : Is it said of you " With him/her it is impossible to discuss " !

Answer A: Yes often

Answer B: Yes, from time to time

Answer C: No never

Question 6: Do you ever approach people and talk to them?

Answer A: No never

Answer B: Yes sometimes

Answer C: Yes often

Question 7: Do you buy flowers?

Answer A: Yes

Answer B: Sometimes

Answer C: Rarely

Question 8: Are you concerned about air quality?

Answer A: Not really

Answer B: Absolutely

Answer C: In case of traffic restrictions

Question 9 (For men): The first time you are introduced to a woman, you quickly think:

Answer A: "Well, she's either good-looking or she's ugly or she's not so good."

Answer B: "Another one who's going to make a mess" (implying she's going to seduce someone in the group).

Answer C: "She's more or less sympathetic."

Question 10 (For women): The first time you are introduced to a man, you quickly think:

Answer A: "What's his job? »

Answer B: "He's more or less sympathetic."

Answer C: "He's more or less seductive."

Question 11: Are any of your relatives afraid of you?

Answer A: Sometimes

Answer B: Never

Answer C: Often

Question 12: Are you being asked for advice?

Answer A: Sometimes

Answer B: Never

Answer C: Often

Question 13: Do you take the elevator alone?

Answer A: Rarely

Answer B: No problem

Answer C: Never

Question 14: When you are in a group, do you speak?

Answer A: Systematically

Answer B: Sometimes

Answer C: Rarely

Question 15: Do you consult dictionaries?

Answer A: Sometimes

Answer B: Never

Answer C: Often

Question 16 : In your interior, one or more tables or illustrations you ...

Answer A: You are particularly concerned about

Answer B: Evoke a distant memory

Answer C: Are expensive because of their financial values.

Question 17: Do you ever isolate yourself to pray or concentrate or meditate?

Answer A: Sometimes

Answer B: Never

Answer C: Often

Question 18: Do you have any friends who do not share your political views?

Answer A: Yes, some

Answer B: No

Answer C: One or two

Question 19 : For you unbelief or atheism ...

Answer A: It's an option like any other

Answer B: It's incomprehensible.

Answer C: It's for young people

Question 20 : To get you dressed it's ... ...

Answer A: A duty

Answer B: Resourcing

Answer C: New encounters

Question 21 : A few days after you've been dressed you ... ...

Answer A: Write reflections

Answer B: Contact the siblings you asked for their phone number.

Answer C: Discuss this with other brothers and/or sisters;

Question 22: Do you borrow books from your lodge library?

Answer A: Sometimes

Answer B: Never

Answer C: Often

To assess your score

The grid below gives you the points for each answer; from there add up and it will give you a number between 21 and 63!

Please do not hesitate to send us your comments.

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