Objectives of the Masonic initiation

Stated objectives :

Most obediences generally propose three objectives for Masonic initiation:

- a break: it is a question of proposing to break with "bad" habits, such as dogmatism of thought, selfishness or immorality;

- a hope: it is a "catch-all" word which has for certain obediences a mystical connotation but which can cover other meanings;

- and a fraternity!  This word can have several meanings; generally, it implies a social relationship in peace and solidarity!

Personal goals

Each candidate is naturally entitled to have personal objectives linked to his or her own experience; personal objectives may be expressed but they are often not said either out of modesty or fear of shocking.

These personal goals could be divided into three categories:

- in relation to a personal problem: a family experience, a meeting, an emotional shock, etc.

- to satisfy an ambition: there are "noble" ambitions and others more prosaic;

- to be part of a research process.

What can we expect from Masonic initiation?

To request one's initiation in a Masonic lodge is always an important step from an emotional point of view and when this step succeeds, the initiation is first of all a moment of shared happiness even if anxiety is always present in front of the unknown!

What is to be expected of the one who lives it?

Spontaneously, one always expects a lot:

- a transformation

- a spiritual elevation

- a new brotherhood with the other masons of the lodge

- and so on

Wisdom and experience lead us to be more cautious and to reaffirm that the benefits of initiation are primarily related to the work that the new initiate will do:

- the work of understanding the experience of initiation and then the experience of the outfits,

- work on oneself to accept to question oneself,

- research work by reading and observing!

Masonic initiation could be likened to a window that opens onto another world that one can then observe and breathe; this window can also become a French window that allows, beyond observation, to penetrate and venture into this other world!

For those of you who are in this situation, we wish you a great trip!

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