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That was yesterday, that's today!

That was yesterday, this is today,

The square is there, always valiant,

Which I find again without boredom.

Old, new, live lodge,

Matrix of minds, always wise,

Between revolt and creation,

Seeking liberation.

That was yesterday, this is today,

But where have you been, dear Louis.

Henri, Raymond, Jean and Fernand,

And also those elsewhere going?

Like a scent coming, going?

I know, but, don't forget about you.

That was yesterday, this is today,

Memories haunt my mind,

Work done in the past,

In fervor and without a sound,

Excitement of an ideal,

This was not trivial.

It was yesterday, it's today,

Here I am again, like a ghost,

Here or there, always at home,

Leaving the aether and all its gnomes,

To appear on these columns,

Here, where the light shines.

That was yesterday, this is today,

On the construction site, everything for others,

All the time, we have to work,

Suffering, knowing how to behave,

Carried by this beautiful hope,

To flee a fateful wandering!

That was yesterday, this is today,

Yet I have little time left,

Before my thrill wears off,

And that sand that always runs away,

When I have so much to learn,

Can't be a Salamander.

To be able to listen to your work,

Isn't that the seed of a new beginning,

No time to die at rest?

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