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To live is to wait for death!

We're busy,

Without being too fooled!

Or we believe it,

Like the five fingers!

And then there are the dishes,

And cleaning,

This is the real


Waiting and waiting

One can only imagine

All the meanders


We're projecting

In other worlds

In search of exegetes

To fertile imaginations!

And then there's love

And passion,

So many emotions

For a countdown!

What do we have to do?

Leave a trace,

Or chimeras,

As a mercy?

Look at the other one,

Give her help and comfort,

Look for the apostle,

Strong minds?

No problem with them,

It will be sacrifice.

And anathemas,

By way of fireworks!

In the dressing room, there's a place,

When we can find her,

To live boldly

In tenfold time!

It's no longer about you

But many other things

A kind of in-between self

To create symbiosis,

Where Love and Peace,

Will be our credo,

Great respect,

Before opening the curtain!

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