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Under the starry vault

With a "wink" in homage to Johnny Hallyday who died on December 6, 2017.

In this world of upheavals,

To proven wanderings,

When you read the papers,

Life's not so good!

Front page, non-stop,

Like a real chestnut tree,

It's messy and painful,

Every day, in flagrante delicto!

Get out, don't be shy!

Let's go, noria:

Move over so I can get started,

Otherwise I'll break your face!

To each his own,

To make foam!

Hey, give me a hundred bucks,

Don't argue or I'll unpack!

Oh Marie, if you only knew,

All the damage we do to each other,

Oh, Marie, if you could,

Erase all these misdeeds!

Under the starry vault,

The remote layman,

It's a whole other world,

Where the earth is fruitful!

We are beasts of burden,

Sharp seekers,

Always daring,

And don't get cold feet!

Here, there are only franmacs,

Women and men, very combative,

To smiles heard,

In love with virtue!

Benevolent affidavits,

Happy unsatisfied,

Different in peace,

And diversity,

We want to be initiated,

Meaning homeless,

But still exemplary,

Without of course being sectarian!

Neglecting praise,

And rejecting togas,

Forgetting the ciborium,

We cultivate hope!

Though we are affluent,

And also warned,

Failure can exist

In spite of all these beauties!

Under the starry vault

It's all mixed up,

It's a real mess,

Who demands to be legit!

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