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We must save Freemasonry!

Freemasonry is first of all a project, an "intention"; to bring together human beings who are bearers of high moral values.

To succeed in this challenge, three conditions were proposed by the initiators:

-Mutual benevolence based on respect, listening and personal research,

-A ritual allowing to destroy a time of meditation,

-A place the lodge: it is the workshop of the meeting for a time of learning outside the constraints of secular life.

In this dynamic, the Masonic lodge had complete freedom of initiative; the Freemason defined himself as a free human being in a free lodge.

For many historical, sociological and psychological reasons, Masonic lodges have over time delegated their prerogatives to a federal level with the creation of obediences; Freemasonry has thus become an institution.

This institutionalization of Freemasonry allowed its extension but also its ideological impoverishment; the lodges became charity clubs, militant associations for social progress or mystical circles.

Today, while Freemasonry remains attractive, many problems are disrupting its functioning; let us mention the main ones:

-The lodges are not free: they are subject to obediential obligations that impose a sclerosing rhythm of administrative work.

-The obediences have become power issues;

-The rituals used no longer correspond to the evolution of philosophical thought.

-The financial cost of membership in Freemasonry institutes a discrimination that prohibits applications from young people.

The pandemic at Covid-19 has shown the inability of obediences to maintain a Masonic activity both in the period of confinement and in that of deconfinement.

Freemasonry must be saved by giving back to the lodges their responsibilities.

It is up to the obediences to carry out the necessary reforms allowing the lodges to function more simply and more freely.

-Give back to the lodges the freedom to manage themselves as they want,

-Simplify the governance of obediences

-Decrease the dependence of the lodges on real estate problems,

-Decrease the amount of capitations.

Without obedient reforms, the dynamism of the lodges and their capacity to ensure a functioning in accordance with their raison d'être, will continue to decline.

The originality of Freemasonry comes from this singularity of life in a lodge. The obediences cannot make Freemasonry live if the lodges do not play their role.

To save Freemasonry, we wish:

Testify :

- of our Masonic experience enhanced by knowledge accumulated through meetings and numerous readings;

- of the originality of this Masonic approach (not so easy to understand);

- of our desire to see this beautiful ideal better known and appreciated!

Share :

- a knowledge both of our mistakes and of what we think is happiness;

- the feelings and thoughts of readers and contributors. Do not hesitate to send us your own reflections that we can publish with your agreement (while preserving your anonymity if you wish).

Enhance :

- the Masonic ideal; we believe that this ideal is for everyone and that it is not necessary to be a Freemason to adopt it.

- The Masonic approach which is addressed to both Masons and non-Masons; Masons live it fully but non-Masons can understand it very well and make it their own!

- the diversity of the themes of reflection

Encourage :

- the lodges to take initiatives in line with our ethical requirement,

- the obediences to transform their modes of operation to bring more efficiency, less bureaucracy, more transparency and better coordination with the lodges,

- all Freemasons and Masons to the exemplarity and commitment to a renewal of the Masonic approach.

An argument that explains our motivation :

1) Freemasonry is not doing very well at the world level

2) The Masonic lodges which are at the base of the Masonic approach have become dependent on the management of the obediences

3) The obediences have become bureaucracies very concerned about financial management.

4) Today, being a Freemason or a Freemason does not give a clear readability

5) Freemasonry must be saved

6) It is the moral obligation of the Masonic obediences to commit themselves to reform in order to allow the lodges to regain their freedom!

7) Freemasonry must be saved because a Freemason is a free human being in a free Lodge!

Created in November 2015, the website is not a commercial website nor a pharmacy in charge of promoting a chapel; our only ambition is to demonstrate that the Masonic approach can be characterized by :


-The opening


We claim seriousness for the respect of the ethics of our commitment (both as individuals and as freemasons), for the practice of the rites, for the quality of our work in the lodge and for the seriousness of our reflections.

We advocate open-mindedness so that the Masonic ideal is not perceived as sectarian and dogmatic: openness towards the abolition of gender segregation, openness towards non-believers (and atheists), towards a more beautiful approach to the other cultures of the world, openness towards the profane as well and towards all that human intelligence has produced and continues to produce.

We also propose a reflection on reforms that we consider indispensable to make Masonic values better known and to adapt our rituals and organizations to the modern world and to contemporary knowledge. The Masonic ideal deserves to be better known and more widely disseminated in all strata of society and in all countries of the world. The Masonic ideal, while respecting traditions, must look to the future and to the youth of the world. It is time to turn the page of the 18th century.

Refusing sterile polemics, we do not want to interfere in obediential problems and interpersonal conflicts, because we believe that Freemasonry is a beautiful and large family where each sensitivity can have its place and that there can be no competition between us!

We are a small team of sisters and brothers of different obediences and we do not wish to personalize our reflections because we have no other ambition than to participate in the debate of ideas and in the valorization of our ideal. We accept different orientations which explains why on the same subject you will find articles with different approaches.

All our externalization goes through an assumed name: Mateo Simoita in which we all recognize ourselves. We claim the secret necessary for the respect of our families.

If you too recognize yourselves in these values and in this approach, do not hesitate: contact us, subscribe; the subscription constitutes an undeniable moral support which will encourage us to contribute by entrusting us with your plates and your reflections (which will be published under the seal of anonymity if you wish).

Together we can contribute to enhance the value of this beautiful ideal that is ours and to give a greater readability to our commitment in the world!

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