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Well, when's the next one?!

We think about it first,

So exciting!

Sometimes it's just routine when the skates are on,

But you have to go, so you don't pick up the phone!

There are the clever ones who've got their hands on the agenda.

Preparing replicas to appear at the top,

And also the real teachers polishing their courses,

Poets, on the other hand, have their noses in their notes,

For an arduous subject, one risks drowsiness...

Or flashback in case of turbulence,

But always seriousness and a touch of elegance!

On the day itself, you'll have to make sure you look good,

For the meticulous, flawless decorations.

The lazy ones will look in the bottom of an old drawer

A crumpled pouch with black gloves.

The black-tie suit is often preferred,

Jeans, sweaters, turtlenecks are still tolerated,

A toilet scent or a three-day beard,

Militant bearded men or his shaved head,

Everyone will be there, early or often late!

And then we went in, towards the forecourt, which made us wait.

Easy greetings and the less easy ones.

Three compulsory kisses, How are you? Fine, and you!

Familiar and unfamiliar faces, small personal affairs or headline stories,

Conversations pick up where they left off,

Others venture into twisted subjects!

There are the regulars, like fish in water,

The worried new pt's under the watchful eye of the old,

And sometimes the illustrious, admired, jealous and often pampered!

It's almost time to put on your sets,

Symbolic of course, but also hierarchical!

Apron, drawstring, white gloves, to be all equal and of course different!

The apron, white, blue, red, yellow, it depends!

Yellow is for the oils that come in with a bang,

Not to mention the high ranks, where images are added!

You can also find dresses or blouses,

And sometimes hats, caps or sails!

Each lodge has its own style, its own personality!

With many variations in uniformity!

Everyone adores each other and rustles to the sweet sound we call brotherhood!

The trained eye reveals some originals, and also the discreet ones!

Men are brothers and women are sisters!

Because sex remains hidden and always dreaded!

And then the venerable or another officer

Give the sign we're waiting for:

Indispensable prelude to entering the temple!

Silence slowly imposes itself on the congregation.

Wisely, the entrances to the temple in half-light

Take us to places that are often the usual places.

The words are said between two blows of the mallet,

The decor transformed by the brightness of the candles,

Seems to glow on frozen faces!

It's a magical moment, Egregor orgasmic, inconstant and fleeting?

The lights impose themselves, the magic disappears and the work must begin!

There is the agenda, moments of relaxation,

The apologies, the mail, often uninteresting;

And then one or two high points or as expected

Authentic and poignant or sometimes boring!

At the end of the subject, depending on mood or interest,

Hands up or get slammed!

Unavoidable moments to allow everyone

To bring a stone and often an ego,

You release an urge, you give in with gusto,

To the duty of incense or to the hoof!

The regulars have their quirks, the virtuosos play the violin,

The shy ones do it from a jet, often with a lot of emotion.

There is also the game where everyone plays their part,

In courteous exchanges that seek to be funny.

But there are angry subjects that should be avoided,

Ungrateful task of the venerated not always on the lookout,

Sometimes letting the mischievous snake get away...

Clever little facetious inspirator!

For certain outfits,

A choice is demanded, an organized vote;

And there's all these balls that have to be manipulated!

White balls, black balls

The passion rises to a new level, because the unimportant stakes

Inflames the spirits and arouses impatience!

And then it's the big blue, and the time of forgiveness:

It's the chain of union, that moment of emotion,

Where hands joined together seek to make you forget

The fraternal rifts that we need to cover.

It's time to wrap this up, because time is running out.

To close the work, we resume the ritual

Turn off the lights and stop playing!

We shake our brains out of this dream

And resume the posture of the enlightened layman.

The rustle of the murmurs tries to impose itself

But how to avoid it after so much emotion and sometimes passion?

There are those who leave,

Often discreetly,

And those that extend for the time of the agape,

A successful outfit is a prerequisite for release.

Asides and affinities,

Shared food, unlimited drinks,

Another place, another stage, guaranteed spectacle.

Time continues its work,

We have to split up!

There's sadness or relief,

In the exchange of the three kisses,

An unavoidable way to get back to reality!

And, when is the next one?

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