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What's left?

In an uncertain existence

I'm sailing towards the end

What's left of all those questions that haunted my life?

To survive or to live in the intimate hope of realizing a space of beauty?

To understand or to endure

Master the unspeakable,

Knowing that the essential is said,

Believing that anything is still possible

Where are the landmarks of yesteryear,

Certainties too?


If only silence as the ultimate conviction,

Wouldn't that be a smile!

I left in the face of danger,

Unconscious of my life,

Happy to say,

Beyond the faces and fears encountered!

In search of the other,

In the quest for an encounter

I've been all over the world

And often observed!

Amazed by the builders,

I have not been able to ascertain

That my ignorance

and my fragility!

What remains of my love?

Beautiful pleasures in the middle of a garden,

Jasmine plenitude!

What's left of those beautiful days?

In the semi-darkness of the workshop,

Bodies take up space,

And the starry sky

Makes us dream!

Time stands still!

Shouldn't we forget everything,

And stand there waiting for the final word?

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