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Where is the truth in the lodge?

As regards the Masonic approach, we are very careful insofar as our stated concern is to be "in search of the truth"! This "gallantry" of language authorizes all the "exercises" of thought!

Being “in search of...” leaves us free to state untruths, even to fantasize or to put forward more or less eccentric hypotheses!

This formulation, which in a way is in our collective DNA, has placed on Freemasonry the seal of "Not Serious" which sticks to our skin and explains all the difficulties we have in being credible!

How can you claim to be serious when you claim not to know the Truth? No one can believe you since we admit we don't know!

But this “Not Serious” also allows us to exist, to recruit and to dream, because the “Not Serious! aren't they more "bons vivants" than the "serious ones" who are sad to die for?

But things get complicated when the ritual prompts us to “Spread the truths acquired”.

We understand that in 18th century Europe the inspiration for Masonic rituals was biblical and these famous "acquired truths" concerned faith in the Great Architect of the Universe, in other words God!

In an issue of Humanisme, the GODF magazine, Yuri Chelkovski writes an article entitled "The freemason's blooper" in which he addresses this issue of confusion between truth and the search for truth.

Not telling the truth is de facto lying!

The lie is adorned with the worst intentions and yet, could we not say that it is despite everything a quality?

In any case, one might think so, lying has become an institution of language!

Recent events, with the release caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, have provided an excellent illustration of this! Fake news creates a buzz more easily than the wise and measured words of those who know!

Lying is a natural and spontaneous practice! We all lie cheerfully with a smile and the conviction of being benevolent! Because Lying is avoiding conflicts, finding an elegant way out, being humorous and ultimately making the other person happy!

Should we tell the truth?

If I answered yes, you wouldn't believe me! I would be, for you, a sweet dreamer, unaware of the realities of life!

Should we say that a board is awful and boring?

Never! It will be “My TCF, I really appreciated your work, but…. » ; or "My TCS, your board is amazing and I learned a lot but don't you think..."!

Truly, I tell you, the Truth is a secret that must not be divulged!

If you advertise it as “Urbi et Orbi”, it will not be recognized as such and will lose its credibility!

Keep it to yourself, never talk about it and you will preserve it!

There is only one exception to this rule; we sometimes feel the need to transmit the Truth; it is an intimate need for a particular person for whom a mixture of affection and respect binds you.

It's exceptional and few beings encounter it, but when it happens, you have to do it!

If the new Masons and new Masons were informed of this recommendation, there is no doubt that the life of the Lodges would be more peaceful!

By not paying any attention to what we can tell you, TCS and TCF, you will not be disappointed! As a result, you won't blame anyone! And so there will be no bickering!

The Masonic approach is a solitary exercise and to believe that there can be collective intelligence at the level of a lodge is wishful thinking!

Hear, listen, read, take notes and, in your personal reflection cabinet, digest all this to extract the substance, that is to say what will influence your commitment!


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