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Why we must save Freemasonry ?

Dernière mise à jour : 1 févr. 2022

Freemasonry was created in 18th century in England by intellectuals concerned with bringing peace to a country divided by sectarian strife.

This peaceful process to work for social harmony and to bring together high moral values ​​has aroused much hope all over the world.

Today, three hundred years after its founding, we must unfortunately note that, whatever the country, Freemasonry is not doing very well.

While Masonic thought claims to be universal, today Freemasonry is divided; Masonic obediences most often work for themselves and challenge the legitimacy of others.

In some countries, Masonic lodges have become charitable clubs for a wealthy bourgeoisie; in other countries, lodges are run by politicians; in others, it is business networks or mystical circles.

The rites add to the division: each rite is organized in a way that is sometimes competitive with the obediences.

In many countries, the relationship of obediences with political power deprives them of all moral independence.

Moreover, the old-fashioned character of Masonic rituals makes them inconsistent with the evolution of knowledge and poorly adapted to the different cultures of the world.

All these reasons explain that for the new generations, Freemasonry no longer seems credible and arouses a lack of interest!

However, the motivations that led to the creation of Freemasonry are still relevant today: human beings increasingly need Peace and Harmony: - physical violence, through war and terrorist attacks, is omnipresent, - nationalisms and withdrawal into oneself appear as solutions for frightened populations, - the risk induced by damage to the environment jeopardizes the very future of our toilet. For all these reasons, Freemasons stand up to say: “We must save Freemasonry! "

It is not about creating an additional Masonic obedience or organization; it is simply a question of alerting the conscience so that the leaders of the Masonic obediences of the various countries take the initiative to review their modes of operation.

Among all the faiths the United Grand Lodge of England has a very great responsibility. It has the moral authority which would allow it to initiate a movement towards essential renovation!

Today, if we want Freemasonry to once again become a reference for more Peace and Harmony everywhere on our planet, its method of working in modern lodges must be accessible to as many people as possible by favoring understanding, reconciliation, respect for freedom of expression, the preservation of Nature and our planet and the search for moral perfection.

This modest website wishes to play an alert and awareness role.

If you too share this analysis, whatever your country, join us!

The more we are, the more we will be able to convince our obediences to mobilize for a renewal of the organization of the Masonic order.

We have decided to have two languages of communication, English and French; we also need your participation to help make this site even more attractive!

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