Shoulders's symbolism


Doctor! I hurt God, my shoulder hurls me!

Every gesture has a meaning and even if we are not aware of it, this meaning is not lost. A recent anecdote lived by one of my friends gives me the opportunity to address this topic; Suzan suffers from tendonitis of the right shoulder and will consult an acupuncturist doctor.

After the usual examinations, he asked him an apparently strange question: "Have you not been recently annoyed in your faith? "

But it turns out that suzan has very badly experienced the death of her younger sister, accidentally killed in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver! This death, which she considers unjust, has really revolted her, and she still resents God whom she judges, in a certain way, responsible!

What relationship with the shoulder am I saying? And here is the fruit of my research that I share with you!

Shoulders in popular thinking

The shoulders are attributed to the capacity to bear the burdens of life, the joys, the sorrows, the responsibilities, the insecurities: cf the expressions "Have broad shoulders", "Have your head on your shoulders".

To suffer from the shoulders in the language of the body is to suffer from not being able to "bear", not to "be at the height" and also to have a conflictual relation with the authority in the broad sense (including god when it is a death deemed unfair)!

The shoulder is also a support "because it can support the head of a friend or loved one when it cries. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry at some point in their life. "

The left shoulder is associated with the evil; in the expression "throw salt over his shoulder! "(Always left shoulder), this is a superstition intended to conjure a spell and bring luck.

In many traditions, a dead person is honored by wearing his coffin on his shoulders!

 L'Idéal Maçonnique, Objectif Sagesse !

The Masonic Ideal, Objective Wisdom !