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Another Masonic look

Welcome photo above: Masonic temple of the GODF in Nancy, an "Art Nouveau" masterpiece - author: VM /Olivier JORBA  (source:

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nouveau bureau a.jpg

Mai 2024 - Initiations en Pays Bassari (Sénégal)

Prise de vues : Denis Tirat

Masonic ideal

Some sisters and brothers of different persuasions and having as sole motivation that to transmit our love of Freemasonry in a perspective of pragmatism and modernity. Our animator is Mateo Simoita, a Freemason from GODF who has more than 40 years of Masonic seniority. It is also our common signature.

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Mateo Simoita
Responsible for the site

Retired doctor; initiated in 1979 in the Grand Orient of France.

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