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A beautiful outfit

It was a third Wednesday,

The agenda is well established,

Announced the work

To continue on the construction site,

The project of building a new world.

There were fifty of us,

Sisters and Brothers Gathered

On the temple forecourt

Glad we're back.

There was there, Philippe, Evelyne, Martial,

Karim, Samantha and of course Uncle Ho

With its retro look and jovial humour

And many others, all alter egos.

After this first time, happy reunion,

A wave of silence covered the hubbub...

And Jessica as master of ceremonies.

At the recollection invited us.

Then, in silence, we entered this special place.

Our temple, identical to many others, but singular...

In spite of everything because we wanted it to be different,

To better live our absolute.

A dignified entrance, everyone finding their place

By avoiding the soft protocol

Penetrating this fold

Plunged in the half-light, pre-work,

There was the opening, an inescapable reminder

Of all our essentials, and also these three plates

Diverse and varied presented, and frank

To change this all too often pitiful world.

Here at home, there is no debate, no ointments, and no banalities,

What's the use of wasting time, better to meditate and maybe pray.

And of course Uncle Ho who played his violin, a harmony column...

Sensitive and fragrant, to make our lives vibrate.

Faithful to the hourglass respectful of our times, the fence was approaching

And it was this chain that bewitched our hearts...

Before returning to this difficult exit, a test of our ardour...

Before we return to our realities.

The hubbub resumed, some of them had to leave,

Others could stay for the last time

These renewed agapes far from the third half...

Frugal foods for a time out.

Then it was Bernard to walk me home,

New sharing time on the open road

And then we split up, each in his own home,

Finding your loved one in the arms of Morpheus.

As always, I let my thoughts return

All those words in the temple heard,

Memory Work and Lost Research

Not to neglect all his thoughts.

That was a nice outfit,

No animosity, real passion,

A shared understanding,

A respected silence

For an inspiration

And a new experience!

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